My name is Joshua and my mission is to share the joy I derive from my love for old school and new school gaming, with the world, by encouraging people like you to game/play and by providing them with the opportunities to do so that they may reap the great benefits.

Too many people believe that playing games can only be beneficial to children. However, I have learnt that adults - whether friends, family or people who makeup an organization - can benefit too. 

Here is how: 
+ Playing games will keep your team/group functional when under stress and encourage teamwork. 
+ Playing games refreshes our minds and bodies. 
+ Playing games increases energy and prevents burnout. 
+ Playing games boosts creativity and innovation.
+ Playing games will help your team/group to see problems in new ways and invent effective solutions to solve them.
+ Playing games can provide opportunities for social interaction among your team/group, allowing them to become community minded and function as one. 
+ Playing games encourages team/group members to take a break from their desks to reduce fatigue. 
+ And lastly, playing games keeps a smile on their faces and a bright spark in their hearts. 

To take advantage of the many benefits of playing games I encourage you, whether your a family member, friend or employer, to:

+ Host a regular games night. 
+ Host events/parties for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and other special occasions. 
+ Host family or friends’ fun/sports days in your garden, in the park or on the beach. 
+ Create a treasure hunt. 
+ Host fun days/evenings for your church or community group. 
+ Host a fun day for your employees - in the office or outdoors. 
+ Host an end of month or end of quarter games social for your employees. 
+ Turn your lunchroom or conference room into a games room once a month, or once a week. You can even play short games during coffee breaks. 
+ And don't forget to have many different games, suitable for the occasion. There are thousands of games to choose from. 

Not only will your family, friends or employees benefit for the games they will play but you too will benefit from the great relationships that will result along the memories you'll all share. 

My hope is that all people, whether small like me or grown-ups like my mum and dad, will come to realize that play is important for everyone - no matter if you are big or small. 

Happy Gaming!